"I am a Federal Police Officer in Arlington Virginia.  I wanted to let you know I love my new CoolCop.  My loving wife got me this for my 4th of July birthday.  I will definitely share the product information with the other guys."
Warren A. Hutton, Arlington, VA

"I am a police officer for the Orlando Police Department in Florida. I use the Cool Cop Air Conditioning hose and it is a wonderful product."
David Handoff, Orlando FL

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Cool Cop!!! Summer time in SE Texas, you have got to have it. Best money I EVER spent as an LEO."  
David Frye, Lexington KY

"Thanks so much for your help and for the cool, dry vest."
Travis Knick, Cary NC

"I have a Coolcop, and it is the best $60 I have ever spent to be comfortable!" 
Tavis Kaczanowski

"An absolute must when I came to day shift."  John Mulligan

"My 5 minute assessment so far is that you will have to pry this from my comfortable cool, dead hands, should the department want it back.  This thing is awesome."  Officer Heck, Punta Gorda, FL

"This is an awesome product.  My friends and family are LE Officers here in Southern NV and this is one of the most important tools at their disposal.  THANK YOU!!!"
Mitchell Medina, Pahrump NV

"I work nights for the Broward Sheriff's Office because the S.FL heat with body armor is quite unbearable.  However, we still get some hot days in the summer before the relief comes with dusk.  My best Cool Cop experience is using it while standing outside my patrol car directing traffic away from a traffic fatality.  I hooked the Cool Cop to the driver's side vent and passed it through the window.  It was a scorcher of a day, but made bearable by Cool Cop.  I've recommended it to a few of my friends who have also made the wise investment.  Thanks again for a great product."
Chad Dunham, Coconut Creek, FL

"Thank you so very much...the Deputies have been appreciative of receiving these devices; the Deputies have called or emailed to say that they have been a life-saver." Shannon "Chaplain Schwamb", Selma CA

"This is the best invention for officers in a decade. Thanks!"
Orville McKinzie, Bryan TX

"My husband hooked up his coolcop when he got to work and texted me telling me that he was feeling cool.  He said your product worked great.  Thank you coolcop for taking good care of your customers and caring about their needs."
Michelle Hanks, Sacramento CA

"I don't want to be a day without my CoolCop!  Thanks for a great product.  I think I would leave my gun home first!"
James Wilson, Broward Co. FL